About Us

Elite Investment & Credit Pte Ltd is a renowned licensed money lender based in Singapore. The company was established with the belief that everyone in Singapore, whether you are a local resident or foreigner, should have an equal access to better financial options, now and in the future. Since establishment, we pride ourselves in assisting people from all walks of life no matter what their financial situation might be. We believe people are the best managers in their own life and that everyone deserves a second chance.
Elite Investment & Credit not only provides instant cash to its borrowers, but also offers value-added professional services that set us apart from other lending institutions. We are a responsible lender who takes pride in backing the service we provide to customers who may not be able to retrieve finance through traditional ways. Our friendly and professional consultants listen to individuals and offer the best advices so that you have a better understanding of your current financial situation. You will also see a crystal clear breakdown of your repayment schedule before you apply. We are transparent, we keep it simple and there are no hidden fees.

If you have difficulty getting a loan due to past history, have a minor default or simply need fast cash, Elite Investment & Credit will do its best to assist you. We focus on your ability to repay, customizing easy and affordable repayments that suits you. Come to us whenever you need fast and responsible financial services such as personal loan, payday loan, foreigner loan and business loan.

For more information about our services and how we can assist, you can contact us